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My personal philosophy is that education is an ongoing process that never actually ends.  So while this captures my formal education, it doesn't include all the other random things I have learned through reading, researching and talking to different people.  


Turing School of Software and Design

Web Development with Ruby, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript Full-Stack software development program covering:—

  • Test Driven Development (TDD) with Ruby—Ruby on Rails
  • Web Applications
  • —Professional Web Applications in Ruby on Rails—
  • High Performance Applications with API’s and Services—
  • Front-End Development with JavaScript/JQuery/HTML/CSS—User Experience Design

University of Denver

B.A. Leadership and Organizational Studies, University of Denver

  • Leadership,
  • Financial Management,
  • Working in Groups and Teams,
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership,
  • Learning in Organizations,
  • Project Management,
  • Change Management

Online Courses: Coursera | Udacity | TeamTreehouse | MiTx

Various online courses including: 

  • React NanoDegree (Udacity) - In Progress
  • Leading Strategic Innovation (Vanderbilt University)—
  • Developing Innovative Ideas (University of Maryland)—
  • Competitive Strategy—Marketing (Wharton)
  • —Operations Management (Wharton)—
  • Financial Accounting (Wharton)—
  • CSS (Treehouse)—
  • User Interface Design (Treehouse)