Building things that matter



Stack Sports | Software Engineer | Scrum Master

2018 - Present

Software Engineer currently assigned to the CaptainU ( recruitment platform.  Lead Rails developer for 4 applications, CaptainU Athlete, CaptanU College, as well as multiple supporting applications and libraries. Daily use of Rails, Ruby, SQL(ActiveRecord and Raw Queries), React/Ember, Github, JIRA, Jenkins, Chef, BugSnag, SendGrid, OpsGenie, NewRelic and many other supporting systems in the application ecosystem.  Database management with a MySQL database both through GUI interfaces and command line access.

ScrumMaster responsible for guiding and coaching development team in Scrum practices, running various meetings including Daily Stand Ups, Sprint Reviews and Sprint Retros.Manage and administer the Scrum board and backlog for each sprint. Run Backlog Refinements where I lead breaking product requirements into actionable pieces for upcoming sprints, and overall administration of JIRA and Conflucence spaces for the team.

Alkami, LLC | Founder | Lead Developer

2016 - Present

Lead Developer responsible for managing project from initial client contact and vetting, through design, implementation and deployment.

Lead System Architect responsible for stack selection, requirement gathering and clarification and implementation, database design and overall devops structure of a given application including deployment options to systems like Heroku and integration with systems like AWS.

Lead Web Developer responsible for coding and management of website design projects as well as web application projects. Includes, use of systems like Squarespace, Wix and Shopify, as well as ground up builds on Ruby on Rails framework and various JavaScript languages.



Summit Seven Systems, LLC | Co-Founder | Product Owner | Client Management

2014 - Present

Lead Project Manager responsible for managing multiple installations and coordinating across multiple project teams and client representatives. Coordinate project timelines, scheduling, billing and milestones with both clients and third-party business partners. Answer all client RFI inquiries during project. Create and maintain all product documentation, including release notes, user manuals and quick start guides for the software platform.

Lead Product Owner responsible for maintaining Agile Software Development processes by leading modified SCRUMS, maintaining error logs, burn-down charts and ensuring development milestones are met by internal teams and contract developers. Manage distributed development team across State of Colorado and internationally. Maintain internal project budgeting, expenses and client invoicing.

Web Application Developer responsible for designing and coding the front-end and back-end of client-facing web applications for business development and operational uses based on existing platform code base and features. Design and code user interfaces for web applications, and make user experience decisions for primary software application. Design database schema for use with business development web applications.


Summit County Sheriff's Office | Patrol Deputy | Field Training Coordinator

2007 - 2014

Lead Program manager for Recruitment and Hiring Program, Background Investigation Program and Field Training Program. Acted as a technology and software implementation coordinator.

Managed every stage of the implementation cycle for purchase of multiple software solutions including field testing, usability assessments of products.

Coordinated platform use with existing IT departments and prepared final reports for decision-to-purchase. Vetted three significant purchases (Field Training Software and Policy, Procedural Manual Program and Confluence Knowledge Management sytem).

Spearheaded the creation of a centralized, wiki-based knowledge management system (Confluence). Built the information architecture and entered the majority of system data. The solution was approved for an agency-wide launch, after demonstrating a significant increase in speed and efficiency during its pilot deployment.

Consulted on multiple tech projects, including the deployment of new in-car computers for patrol deputies. Acted as a liaison with two separate IT departments and multiple software vendors to execute system set- up and allow for field-based reporting and logging functions.