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Alkami, LLC

Alkami, LLC is a project I started with my friend Dmitry, who I went to Turing with.  The goal of Alkami was to create a small web development company to service small companies and early stage, pre-revenue startups.  

There were two things that motivated me to start Alkami. First was a quote which, at the time, I didn't know was from Steve Jobs. 


I'm still learning this.  I think there is a consistent feeling among more of us than we will admit that we hold ourselves back from doing things because we think we are not smart enough, or that we need to learn more.  In reality, we can step up and do anything we put our minds to. Sometimes that involves learning, sometimes it involves just getting out our own way. 

The second thing that motivated me to start Alkami, as well as being inspiration for the name, was reading the book The Alchemist before I made the decision to change careers. 

One of the most powerful messages from that book I took away on this read was when Santiago was debating about leaving his job as a gem salesman to pursue his personal vision.  He came to the place where he realized he had been a gem salesman and a shepherd once before, and that he could go back to being one of those things if need be. 

The decision to leave law enforcement and learn to code was a challenging one, but one of the things I took comfort in was the fact that, if it didn't work out I could go back to law enforcement, as it was something I had done and I was good at it.  


The mission at Alkami changed over time, from being a cost affordable solution for pre-revenue startups and people with ideas, to something much broader, to "Build Something That Matters."

Building things that matter came about after I turned down a couple projects that were just awful.  Snapchat clones and other projects that didn't move the needle of things that mattered were not exciting to me.  What was motivating me in my work at Alkami were the projects solving unique problems, that would make the lives of those who use them better, and the non-profit projects.  Those were what I was excited by. 

So the mission evolved out of a combination of clients with bad ideas and an evolution of my personal vision. 

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I'm still slinging code for different clients at Alkami and it's proved to be quite the learning experience.  If you'd like to learn more about my work through Alkami checkout the website and see what it means for me and us to Build Something That Matters.

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